5 responses to “Confidence Is Overrated”

  1. Margaret Humphries

    Hi Phil and Lori,

    I am reading these wise words at a time when I am stretching my comfort zone. I was getting lost in confidence and skill, and I never even considered what a brave person I am. I am considering it now.
    Margaret Humphries

  2. Randy Cantonwine

    Well said and exactly what I needed to hear today…

  3. Steve Peha

    Love this one, Phil. Not only have I been attracted to the idea since I heard you mention during my last course, I particularly enjoyed the simple yet elegant way you laid it out here. I will send this link to many of my friends, as most think they lack confidence when, in reality, they are just forgetting to draw on their reserves of courage.

  4. Sue (Andreasen) Herz

    You are totally amazing Phil. I often refer back to SF classroom time with you when you made statements such as this one and I feel like I have found my way back home again and I smile with contentment.

  5. Tony


    I like your discerning clarifying approach in using words to help make a difference in my life and in the lives of those around you.

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