Lori Marcoux

Lori Marcoux

An Advanced Graduate Membership Program

Phil and I are pleased to offer an additional way to strengthen your Leadership Mindset. As an Advanced Graduate Member connect with other graduates as well as us on a regular basis. This is an easy way to continue experiencing even more growth, fun and fulfillment on a regular basis. Qualifying Criteria: – A Graduate [...]

Congruent Self-Expression

Many people confuse congruence with authenticity. Phil and I make a point of differentiating “authentic” and “congruent”. My belief is when people hear the word “authentic” they connect this concept with being real or genuine. As human beings how do we deny or mask who we truly are? What some people might judge as false [...]

Should and Should Notting

My inspiration for this particular blog is my stating what I thought, and still think, is an unremarkable comment about something I enjoy doing. In response, I was told I should not do it. There is a saying, “The number of functional families in this country would fit on a football field.”  I think I [...]